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Edge of Arabia London

The Brunei Gallery SOAS, London, UK

16 October - 13 December 2008

Edge of Arabia launched in October 2008 in London and was viewed by over 13,000 visitors. Showcasing the work of 17 artists from Jeddah, Makkah, Riyadh, Dharan, Abha and Khamis Mushait, it was described as ‘the best cultural event we’ve had for 15 years’ by the Director of the University of London. The exploration of the complex and diverse reality of 21st Century life in Saudi Arabia through installation, performance and a variety of other media with a multi-disciplinary approach to artistic practice, it paved the way for cultural links between Saudi Arabia and the international community, helping to further cultural dialogue between the Middle East and the Western world. The exhibition was accompanied by a strong educational focus aiming to support UK students and teachers wishing to explore contemporary Saudi Art in the classroom and beyond.

Mater was not only a participating artist but co-curator and co-founder of the Edge of Arabia project. For the first Edge of Arabia Mater presented Illumination I & II, his first ever dyptich which was a key image in the marketing campaign for Edge of Arabia and was featured across billboards throughout London Underground.

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Edge of Arabia London, 2008