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Soundless space...

Reflections on the work of Sebastião Salgado

The story started at the end of February 1991 when a black cloud spread out between the stars and their image. Voices were silenced after dark forests exploded, followed by black oil and acid rains. Who would have thought that the desert would rain black tears and that all living creatures would be decimated?

Section 11

Reflections on Section 11 by Rashed Al Shashai

Rashed Al Shashai's approach stands between documentation and intellectual practice, both as a teacher and a researcher. The name, ‘Section 11’ derives from the class that Rashid teaches in Al Faisalia School for gifted children, and explores the artist's role as a mediator between the student as a recipient of education and the curriculum as a source of enlightenment

Singing Without music

ArtAsiaPacific Issue 93

I am an advocate of the philosophy that education is not about learning facts, but about cultivating ways of thinking. 

The Evolving Contemporary Art Nexus of Saudi Arabia

ArtAsiaPacific Almanac Volume VIII

2012 was an important year for me and for many artists in Saudi Arabia. We decided to come back to the original movement of contemporary art which began in my home town of Abha over 10 years ago. 

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