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Poet Ashraf Fayadh Is Appealing the Death Sentence Handed Down by a Saudi Court

December 13, 2015

The legal team for Ashraf Fayadh, the poet sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for apostasy and writing love poems that were allegedly anti-Islamic, is appealing those charges, according to Fayadh's family, friends, and


United Nations celebrates female Arab muralists

November 19, 2015

The leading Saudi Arabian artist Ahmed Mater is working with his mother, his sister and a host of other artists and cultural historians to draw attention to a centuries-old Saudi tradition of house painting by women that is at risk of dying out. 


The Art Newspaper

New works invigorate Asian Art Museum

September 16, 2015

The Asian Art Museum’s current exhibition has new stuff, and it’s quite a contrast to staid ancient scrolls and statues often shown at the institution. On view through Oct. 11, “First Look: Collecting Contemporary at the Asian” is a lively, refreshing gathering of nearly 60 pieces the museum has acquired in the past 15 years.

San Fransisco Examiner

An Art Scene Flourishes Behind Closed Doors In Saudi Arabia

September 07, 2015

Arwa Alneami's latest art project is called the "Drop Zone," named after the vertical, free-fall amusement park ride. Her work is made up of photographs and videos from a theme park in her hometown of Abha, in southern


Sun,sand and Sculpture

May 31, 2015

The Guardian

Mecca’s Monuments, Seen through the Eyes of Construction Workers

February 23, 2015

A crowd of construction workers stares up at the sky as a crane hoists a giant star and crescent to the top of Mecca’s tallest building, the Royal Hotel Clock Tower. A man in a hard hat triumphantly waves from the edge of the ascending icon,

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