Prognosis / Saudi Arabia

An Artist's Odyssey

Booth-Clibborn Editions, Forthcoming 2020

Ahmed Mater Prognosis

A mid-career survey by Saudi Arabia’s most acclaimed contemporary artist. An unprecedented portrait of modern Saudi Arabia and the Gulf; exploring religion, oil, geopolitics, and regional conflict from 1979 to the Kingdom's present of major social transformation. Drawing on four decades of the artist’s personal and historical archives to explore one of the most talked-about, yet least understood societies on earth.

This richly illustrated and superbly designed book explores its author’s life and work against the backdrop of 40 years of transformation and conflict across the Arabian Gulf and Islamic world. A doctor-turned-artist, Ahmed Mater has continually confronted his traditional context, exploring Arab and Islamic society in an era of globalization and upheaval to uncover the unofficial histories that have shaped the present.

Mapping his life and work on a historical timeline, the book offers an unprecedented insight into changes forged by and in the Kingdom, and its significance in world religion, culture, and geopolitics.

Celebrating 20 years of Mater’s art-making, organizing, and activism, this book is not only a mid-career survey of an essential artist, it is an urgent prognosis of a society in dramatic transition.

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