Pharan Studio


Located in Jeddah, Pharan Studio was established in 2014 as a community arts organisation that aimed to awaken Saudi civil society to contemporary ways of thinking, innovation and sustainable cultural development. It hosted production facilities for artists, exhibitions, a library of books on art, design and architecture, as well as a calendar of events and workshops for the city's creative community, visiting artists and cultural producers.

Putting human imagination into practice is a power that harnesses change, allowing people to escape the perceived limitations of the world they live in, bringing them closer together for a common incentive. This in turn clearly defines and builds on the innate, unique qualities and characteristics of a community’s culture.

Ahmed Mater

The vision of the studio recognised that art, culture and society are inseparable and that they form a nurturing mechanism open to all citizens willing to participate, leading to a common awareness beyond their local contexts, and enabling expression of thought and imagination through art and towards an improved quality of life.

Likewise, Pharan Studio proposed to inspire change in the ways in which citizens engage with their immediate society – breaking traditional boundaries and promoting and expanding a shared cultural space through collaboration, education, mentorship, networking and artistic production. ​

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