Installation of 16 14" CCTV Monitors

Aseer Central Hospital like so many new institutions in Saudi Arabia was built based on models imported from the west. These spaces were navigated based on European models and attitudes, from the signage to the language of medicine. Observing the CCTV footage, random interventions can be observed, a kind of resistance against imported models. The work is a metaphor for a possible reinvention of these institutions based on local cultural and religious sensibilities.

One needs to find a balance between stability and change. In the last 20 years so much has changed so fast in my country, and I don’t think we as a society have taken the time to reflect on this change.
Ahmed Mater


Grey Borders/Grey Frontiers

Torstrasse 1, Berlin, Germany


Sanat Līmani, Istanbul, Turkey

Ahmed Mater at Vinyl Factory

Vinyl Factory, London, UK
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