Magnetism, Photogravure I–IV, 4/4


Set of 4 photogravure etchings in Solander Box
62 × 81 × 4 cm

The crisp black and white of this miniature diagrams the tensions of faith and religion. Iron filings radiate around a black cube, an emanation of attraction that evokes a congregation of pilgrims thronging the Ka’aba. The unseen pull of Islam’s holiest site is made manifest in this moment of absolute equilibrium. The elusive draw is faith-driven, suggestive of the deeply spiritual force felt by the millions who pray in its direction five times a day, as well as those who circle during tawaf.

When my grandfathers spoke to me as a child about their experience of Hajj they told me of the physical attraction they felt towards the Kaaba, that they felt drawn to it by an almost magnetic pull.
Ahmed Mater

Essay by Tim Mackintosh-Smith

Revered Arabist Tim Mackintosh-Smith reflects on the extraordinary dynamics at play in Magnetism.

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