Yellow Cow Performance


Yellow Cow Performance, 2010

Duration: 2 mins 28 secs

YELLOW COW PERFORMANCE: Ahmed conceived his first Yellow Cow performance just to see how people would react. He went to a farm and, using saffron-based dye, coloured a white cow yellow before setting it free in the village. He then watched the delighted reactions of the villagers, which reminded him of the stirrings of his own imagination as a child in the mosque.

YELLOW COW BRAND: Believing the Yellow Cow was as relevant now as it has ever been, Ahmed decided to “set the story free.” He wanted to release the messages held within the Surah – kept alive in mosques and Qur’anic study groups for 1300 years – into the contemporary world. In order to make the story relevant to people’s lives in the 21st century, he created a brand and initiated a ‘line extension’ of mass-produced Yellow Cow cheese, butter, yoghurt and milk products – flooding the market and giving it a material presence in people’s homes, workplaces and local shops.

Together, the iterations of the work question the commodification of religion.



Sanat Līmani Istanbul, Turkey

Ahmed Mater at Vinyl Factory

Vinyl Factory, London

EOA Edition #01

Edge of Arabia Gallery, London

Never Never Land

Edge of Arabia Gallery, London Curated by Amal Khalaf and Steven Stapleton

Letters: Fragments of a Memory

Warehouse 421, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Performance, Brand and Process

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