Grey Borders/Grey Frontiers

10 Jun 2010 - 8 Jul 2010

Torstrasse 1, Berlin, Germany

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Curated By

Rami Farook

Organised by

Edge of Arabia

On the occasion of the 6th Berlin Biennale, Edge of Arabia launched Grey Borders/Grey Frontiers, the first exhibition of contemporary art from Saudi Arabia ever held in Germany. Showing at The Vinyl Factory Gallery, Torstraße 1, and curated by Dubai-based Rami Farook, this exhibition marked the first major stop of Edge of Arabia’s ambitious world tour and featured the work of a new generation of cutting edge Saudi artists.

Grey Borders/Grey Frontiers was conceived as a socio-political show that commented on current affairs. It comprised of five conversations:

1: Exploration in Transit
2: It is What it is
3: Identity vs. Identity Confusion
4: An ode to Moderate Islam
5: Public/Private

The 12 artists, ranging in age from their early 20s to early 50s and in vocation from doctor to major, student to exile, documented and discussed the state of the world today.

With borders becoming undefined and frontiers wide open, these works in some way take us through the way that societies and their individuals act + react, think + feel, perceive + comment. This show shares issues that aren’t only relevant to Saudi society but to the global social context, hence the relevance of the word ‘Grey’, the vagueness it resembles and the perceptions we encourage.

Rami Farook

Exhibited Artworks:

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