Mitochondria: Powerhouses

23 Sep 2017 - 7 Jan 2018

Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy

2017 AHMED MATER Mitochondria Powerhouses 05da
Opening Mitochondria Powerhouses Galleria Continua DSC06441
BIG AHMA2011 01db
BIG AHMA2017 07dc
BIG AHMA2017 07db
Opening Mitochondria Powerhouses Galleria Continua DSC06533
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BIG AHMA2017 da
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This solo exhibition scrutinized two systems structuring contemporary geopolitics – religion and natural resources. Through the prism of Saudi society, each system is shown to be massive in both physical and conceptual reach, braided with economics, social transformation and, ultimately, control.

Through three chapters, these global socio-political systems are shown to be guided by concealed and unacknowledged forces. The sources are likened to mitochondria; invisible unless deliberately stained, these biological powerhouses are the location and the processor – supplying, converting and storing energy within the closed system of each cell. In the same way, these works locate and expose the unseen powerhouses that govern the 21st century. In three chapters, the exhibition explores rentier and faith economies as well as Ekistics (the science of human settlements) to trace the contours of economic, environmental and sociopolitical fortunes.

Exhibited Artworks:

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